• 2015
    Instinctive and determined, Neymar Jr is an idol to men and women of all ages, as he fully embodies the spirit of the Police brand. With over 52 million Facebook fans and over 22 million followers on Instagram, in just a few short years this international football star has achieved remarkable levels of success. Neymar Jr perfectly epitomises the various qualities of the Italian premium lifestyle brand, providing the inspiration behind both the sunglasses and optical collections and resulting in designs that stand out for their strength of character and innovative creativity.

  • 2014
    POLICE developed its watches and jewellery collection for young authentic rebels who follow trends but seek to stand out with originality. Thanks to its strong identity, POLICE watches and jewellery has reached a total of over 10‘000 point of sales within 157 countries all over the world.

  • 2013
    Neymar Jr & Police
    Police announce Brazilian football player, Neymar Jr, as the new Global Brand Ambassador for 2014. Neymar Jr follows in the footsteps of past Police ambassadors including Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham and Antonio Banderas.

  • 2012
    Police, with a heritage established over many years, has expanded its portfolio to create a true lifestyle brand with the addition of a new European Leather Goods collection. Unique, contemporary and innovative are the key words for this new accessories collection, designs that look to the future.

  • 2011
    Back to Blue
    POLICE relaunches blue mirror lenses, the myth that started in the '80s and that is now back with an even more distinctive appeal. The typical underground style of POLICE is combined with the vintage feel of aviators, always in the name of blue.

    A flashback from the past, the rediscovery of a great success, blue lenses are back with a look that is more rebellious and rock than ever, on acetate and metal frames. POLICE revives the myth of blue lenses which, over the years, made it famous worldwide thus creating a myth, a myth on the road, a timeless myth, an endless myth.

    All the brand's distinguishing features are conveyed by the striking images of the new campaign: rock becomes a life style, the atmosphere is energetic, rebellious, sexy, for strong and magnetic personalities.

  • 2010
    POLICE is an all round lifestyle brand. Now, having enjoyed continuous worldwide growth, POLICE has decided to reflect its appeal to unique individuals with their own personalities and life stories and to represent this in its imagery. POLICE appeals to the tastes of fashion lovers, not fashion victims and tells its story using real people with a unique lifestyle. Police stands aside from other eyewear brands, avoiding the typical stereotypes with which its wearers do not identify. Instead POLICE is represented by individuals, 'normal' people with striking qualities, unusual jobs and different passions, with the common theme of an original sense of style.

  • 2007
    A popular testimonial, a movie star who is famous worldwide. For Police, 2007 opens with the force, the emotion, and the overwhelming passion of Antonio Banderas. Eclectic and mysterious, irresistibly direct, Antonio Banderas is one of today’s best-loved actors thanks to the widespread acclaim earned for the roles he has interpreted in the cinema and television, even in the theatre - roles that have left spectators of all ages wanting more.

  • 2005
    Launch of the first jewellery collection
    Even the Police jewellery launched in 2005 was striking for its modern form and the creative combinations of materials: coloured silver, shiny and matte steel, crystal, and leather. Bracelets and charms of a Gothic inspiration, the hi-tech interpretation of crucifixes represent the brilliant expression of a conceptual value rather than a stylistic one.

  • 2004
    In 2004, George Clooney handed over the reins to David Beckham, whose face has been used in Police campaigns in England and Japan for the past three years. David Beckham, soccer star of Real Madrid and the English national team, is a celebrity with an intense charisma and universally recognized charm. Fashionista by definition, together with his wife Victoria, he rewrites the own rules and follows them through with energy and glamour, transforming them into an absolutely personal style that is emblematic of contemporary trends, dynamism, and change. Always ready to capture the spirit of the times, he fuels himself on provocation. He is a born rebel, almost extreme, but never mediocre. An expression of a free, rebellious,and irreverent lifestyle. Just like the glasses he wears.
    David Backam reachesthis “symbiosis” through this brand, becoming the source of inspiration for the Police style until 2006

  • 2003
    Launch of the first watch collection
    In 2003, with a unique design and the contemporary and innovative form of its watches, Police declares once again its fashion street vocation, the authentic glamorous nature of its creations. And it confirms its mission: the diffusion of a cosmopolitan lifestyle for trendy, non-conformist, and off-beat individuals who decide to keep their own time with Police Time.

  • 2002
    In 2002 and for all of 2003, Police once again seduced through the eyes of a star, one of the most charming men in Hollywood who holds a special place in the hearts of his female fans. With his devilish glance and casually seductive appeal, George Clooney brought a class of his own to the Police world.

  • 1999
    He is a man’s man, an authentic die-hard of the 1990’s. His films are brimming with special effects, intensely charged action and violence. When Police decided on Bruce Willis as a testimonial in 1999 ( and who remained until 2001) , he was already a “tough guy” come legend.

  • 1997
    Launch of the first perfumes set
    An outstanding identity with a positioning that has been consolidated over the years, Police now aims to create an all-around lifestyle through a series of brand extensions that range from perfumes to jewellery, and even to watches, all of which sport the Police designer signature. And so we have the first Police perfumes in 1997.

  • 1991
    The Police brand name is an expression of recognisability, of uniqueness, of the celebration of self. The emotion and culture of its time embodies a style to be followed, that inevitably triggers a trend.

  • 1983
    The Eighties. An important period that definitively marks the official passage of sunglasses being a simple accessory to becoming a fashion accessory. Designers impose their symbols, made of signals, initials, and signatures. In the end, they are soulless beauties that leave the consumer with a desire to stand out, to be simply themselves. These are the years of yuppies and women manegers in tailored suits, of health consciousness and personal image. 1983 – and the Police brand name is born in this context.